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CrossFire is a South Korean-made tactical first person online PC Game by South Korean developer SmileGate. It is a military term for the siting of weapons so that their arcs of fire overlap. This tactic came to prominence in World War I. Siting weapons this way is an example of the application of the defensive principle of mutual support. The advantage of siting weapons that mutually support one another is that it is difficult for an attacker to find a covered approach to any one defensive position

Movements ----------Control

Forward ----------------- W

Backward ---------------- S

Right --------------------- A

Left ----------------------- D

Crouch------------------- Ctrl

Walk -------------------- Shift

Jump ------------------- space

Weapons---------- Control

Switch Bag ------------ B

Prev --------------------- Q

Main Weapon --------- 1

Sub Weapon  --------- 2

Malee Weapon --------3

Thrown Weapon ----- 4

C4 --------------------- 5

Actions- ----------- Control'

Shoot  --------------- Mouse left

Special attacks  --- Mouse right

Reload --------------- R

Drop Weapon ------ G

Defuse bomb ------- E

Hotkey----------- Control

Score --------------Tab

Name tags ------- Insert

Radar ------------ Delete

+ Gamma -------- Home

-Gamma ---------- end

+mouse sensitivity --------Page up

-mouse sensitivity --------Page down

Help ----------------- F1

Radar Zoom In ------Num pad+

Radar Zoom out -----Num pad-

Ractical Map -----~

Vote Kick----------- Control

Agree ------- F11

Disagree -----F12

Reference: Options of the Actual game CF

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